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Magic Faces: Superhero Mega Mission

The magic face paints have transformed Austin, Alanna and sausage dog Ozzy into superheroes! When two supervillains, Foul Prune and Brains, swoop into the busy City Museum in a flying machine, they steal a priceless gem and Austin and Alanna narrowly escape being hit with their FreezeRay. Alanna Storm and Austin Steel must track the

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The Thing About Lemons

Ori Reynolds has just made the biggest mistake of her life. One that’s resulted in: 1) losing all but one of her friends,2) feeling like the World’s Most Terrible Person,and3) having all her fun summer plans cancelled. And, as if things couldn’t get any worse, she now has no choice but to go on a

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My Brother George

Molly’s brother George tells funny jokes and has the best laugh! When they are together, they have all sorts of adventures, whether that’s on the beach, climbing trees or snuggling on the sofa at home. Sometimes other children laugh at George and don’t understand that his long hair and clips are just part of who

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Matilda Meets The Universe

So, you want to make contact with aliens? How hard can it be? Meet Matilda as she launches her mission to discover how likely it is that life exists on other planets. With the help of her friends and family she learns all she can. What was the Big Bang? How does the universe expand?

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The Storm Child

The epic conclusion in The Wind Child duology. Who would you become to save someone you love?Mara, the granddaughter of the God of Winter Winds, had her human soul ripped out for defying the laws of gods and men… A year on, she and her shape-shifting friend Torniv are on the run from Koschei the

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A Calamity of Mannerings

‘It is a curse to be born a girl…’ Take a peek into the diary of Panth (never enquire as to her given name), a young woman knocking on the gilded door of adult life and high society. But kicking up one’s heels at the Cafe de Paris does not come easily to a girl

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Into the Dark Forest: Wildsmith

When war threatens her beloved city, Rowan and her mother must flee to the Dark Forest, meeting Grandpa and his white wolf Arto for the first time. Though she misses her father, Rowan makes new friends – including a trio of powerful witches. When she rescues a baby dragon from poachers, she discovers the secret

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City of Secrets: Wildsmith

Rowan starts to embrace her gifts as a magical wildsmith who heals and speaks to animals. But saving a young pegasus brings difficult decisions. Danger comes closer than ever, threatening her family and even Rowan’s own life. When she is betrayed, which friends can she trust? With her family divided and war still raging, where

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