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The November Witches

No witch is excited about gloomy magic-free November apart from young hag Clemmie who is relieved to finally be done with October’s magical mess. But if there’s no more magic, then where are all the armour-clad knights coming from? When even their enemy coven, the Morgans, don’t have any answers, the Merlyns are on the

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The Myth Keeper

Magic and myth collide in this fast-paced middle-grade fantasy, a sequel to The Unmorrow Curse. Ever since Buzz and his friend Mari returned from their quest to save the Runes of Valhalla, Buzz has been wishing something more exciting would happen in his sleepy town of Crowmarsh. Buzz’s wish is about to come true. Strange people

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Magic Faces: Monster Mayhem

Open the MAGIC face paints and adventure awaits… Fairytale world or Monster Ball Which one will you choose? In each a race to find the prize, Will you win or lose? Austin, Alanna and sausage dog Ozzy are going to a Monster Ball! With the help of a magic paintbrush, Austin has been transformed into

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Hideki Smith: Demon Queller

Fifteen-year-old Caleb Hideki Smith is a loser’s loser. As one of the few half-Japanese students in East Portersville High School, Caleb has accepted that he will never fit in. He’s not popular, can’t play football and the girl he likes doesn’t even know he exists. Well, that was before he accidentally burnt down the town’s

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The Black Air

400 years ago the witches were hanged … In a remote village overshadowed by a gruesome legend and ancient superstitions, who can say what’s real, what’s not, and what should stay buried deep inside your head?  Sixteen-year-old Cate Aspey would do anything to change her life. Stuck in the middle of nowhere with a hermit

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The Tyrannosaur’s Feathers

Tyrannosaurus rex may be the king of the dinosaurs, but that doesn’t stop know-it-all Velociraptor from telling him he looks old fashioned and needs a makeover. So, with an improved posture, some restyled body parts and a coat of shaggy feathers, T. rex gets a new look to match the latest evidence. From the authors

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Magic Faces: Superhero Mega Mission

The magic face paints have transformed Austin, Alanna and sausage dog Ozzy into superheroes! When two supervillains, Foul Prune and Brains, swoop into the busy City Museum in a flying machine, they steal a priceless gem and Austin and Alanna narrowly escape being hit with their FreezeRay. Alanna Storm and Austin Steel must track the

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The Thing About Lemons

Ori Reynolds has just made the biggest mistake of her life. One that’s resulted in: 1) losing all but one of her friends,2) feeling like the World’s Most Terrible Person,and3) having all her fun summer plans cancelled. And, as if things couldn’t get any worse, she now has no choice but to go on a

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