Coming March 2019

Monsters in the Mirror by A.J Hartley    £8.99

Darwen Arkwright’s world is turned upside down when he is forced to move from a small English town to Atlanta in the United States of America. Feeling out of place and struggling to fit in at school, Darwen seeks solace in a mysterious shop full of mirrors. It’s there that he discovers the ability to step through mirrors in to different worlds – worlds beyond his wildest imagination. Darwen befriends creatures including Moth, a tiny being with mechanical wings, but he soon learns that there is a terrible darkness threatening this new world…and only he can save it.The problem with doors is that they open both ways. There are monsters inside, and some of them are trying to get out…


Cold Bath Street by A.J Hartley    £7.99

Preston Oldcorn is in a desolate void between life and death. In order to save his soul he must brave his greatest fear – Cold Bath Street. A ghost, gothic thriller that will keep you gripped to the end.

“This is an excellent book with compelling characters, a creepy atmosphere and a clever plot. It was hard to put down and I finished it in one day.” Joseph Delaney

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Pillars of Light by Jane Johnson    £12.99

Set in war-torn Syria and England during Richard the Lionheart’s reign, this is the story of Nathanael, a young Jewish doctor, and a Muslim girl called Zohra. Despite impossible boundaries they fall in love. Meanwhile in England, John Savage, an orphan boy, runs away from his harsh life in a priory with a mysterious stranger.

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Letters to Africa    £9.99

Letters to Africa, is a new way to learn about Africa and will of interest to parents and children wanting to learn about the continent and also to teachers as a resource. Profits from the book sales will buy desperately needed educational resources for the African children featured in the book.