Clementine Florentine Blog Tour

We’re the last stop on the Clementine Florentine blog tour and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

Written by Tasha Harrison and illustrated by Mya Mitchell Clementine FLorentine is an illustrated comedy for 8-12-year-olds with a strong female protagonist who has a talent for poetry and a passion for Custard Creams (don’t we all!).

In an ingenious reverse ‘Parent Trap’, Clementine and her school nemesis Callum, have to work together to break Clem’s dad and Callum’s mum up, before they fall ‘in lurrrvee’ and the two poetry rivals end up stepbrother and sister!

However, an unlikely friendship with ageing punk icon Lyn Ferno and her chatty pet parrot Viv, helps Clem to start seeing things differently. But by then, is it too late to undo the damage she’s caused?

Check out the wonderful extract below: