Dom – Work Experience

My two-week internship at uclan publishing was an amazing experience and allowed me to work in several different roles from the world of publishing.  I was immediately welcomed into the office and made to feel at home and was provided with plenty of varied work to make sure I enjoyed my time.

Throughout my placement I worked on tasks such as creating social media posts, finding locations for a book release tour, designing a book cover and sorting through new manuscript submissions. My favourite part of the placement was working on the book cover for an upcoming release, as this allowed me to develop the design skills that I had learnt on the course while also working in an area of publishing that I enjoy the most. I really felt like my interests were being catered for by the team.

The experiences I received on this internship will be vital in helping me on the path that I want my publishing career to take in the future when I finish university. I cannot thank the staff enough for giving me with the opportunities that this internship provided.