Early Years

Cheesed Off!

A playful and interactive picture book from reading  development and children’s book consultant, Jake Hope. It’s time for a P-A-R-T-Y and you’re invited! Join the fun with photos, presents, party foods and some special surprise guests in this enjoyable and engaging story… ‘Whisker twitchingly fun!’ The Daily Mouse’s Nose Paper ‘A brie-lliant party story!’ The Cheesy Smellograph

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The Bear and Her Book

“The world is big and there’s much to see, And a bear must go where she wants to be. And a bear as curious as me— longs to gaze at the starlit sea!” A book-loving bear sets off to see the world. She takes one special thing—her Bear’s Big Book of Being Wise. But when

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The Visible Sounds

Based on the true story of Chinese dancer Lihua Tai, The Visible Sounds tells the uplifting tale of a young child dealing with the frustration and solitude of hearing loss. Alone in silence, the child’s life is changed forever when a chance touch unlocks a vibrant new world, now blazing with rainbows of visible sounds. The

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The Plesiosaur’s Neck

“There’s one thing about her that’s hard to ignore, THAT RIDICULOUS NECK!  What on Earth was it for?” Poppy the plesiosaur had a preposterously long neck – but what was it for? Did she use it to pluck off pesky parasites, to zap predators with electricity or to ambush unlucky fish? From the brilliant minds of world-renowned

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Finney’s Story

Be original! You are one of a kind, and so is your story! Finney the Fox wants to write a book. He’s just bursting with ideas. The only problem is… all the  original ideas are gone! Or are they? Join Finney as he tries to find his story, with a little help from a friend. A

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