Middle Grade

The Spybrarian

“Believe me, Kian Reader without librarians, the world is doomed!” He said. “Doomed to be ruled by me! Mwaahahahahahahaha!”     Evil genius, and a bit too bonkers, Doctor Badd isdetermined  to create a bigger more powerful F.A.R.T. than the world has ever seen – Fellowship Against Reading Texts.  With Martin Marvello, the famous  local, best-selling, award-winning children’s

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The Mirrors Shattered

The third book in a gripping fantasy adventure series from bestselling & Carnegie nominated author, A. J. Hartley. The problem with doors is that they open both ways. There are monsters inside, and some of them are trying to get out  … Mr. Peregrine has been kidnapped! Now it’s up to Darwen, Rik, and Alexandra

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Kicking Off: Dick, Kerr Girls

The remarkable story of the Dick, Kerr Ladies is brought to young readers for the very first time by award winning and CILIP Carnegie nominated Eve Ainsworth. Hettie has always known her place. From a young age she has been taught that girls stay at home and keep their ambitions limited. So despite being a

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Gracie Fairshaw and the Mysterious Guest

Strange things are afoot at The Majestic … Check yourself in for a mystery beside the seaside. Gracie Fairshaw and her family have barely moved into The Majestic, a Blackpool boarding house, when her Ma  mysteriously vanishes. Gracie teams up with her younger brother George, siblings Violet and Tom, and maid Phyllis. They must work out why one of the

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Shark Super Powers

We all know about the Great White, but did you know about the shark that can glow in the dark? Or the one that can trump to lose buoyancy? Shark Super Powers is the perfect guide for any shark fanatic. Dive right in with marine biologists Jillian and Duncan as they take you into the depths

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The Book of Secrets

A brand new middle grade adventure from the author of Sebastian Darke, Philip Caveney. Boy rides across the desert on a ‘borrowed’ horse. His destination? The great city of Cherabim. He carries with him The Book of Secrets, which contains his late father’s brilliant inventions, one of which could change the world forever. But Boy falls

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Vampirates: Demons of the Ocean

The year is 2512. The oceans have risen. A new dawn of piracy has begun. Following the sudden death of their father, twins Grace and Connor Tempest hastily depart the suffocating small town of Crescent Moon Bay in their dad’s old sailing boat. Caught in a vicious storm, they are shipwrecked and separated in the

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Vampirates: Tide of Terror

Orphaned twins Grace and Connor Tempest might now be travelling on the same ship, but that doesn’t make for plain sailing… When a textbook pirate attack goes awry, Molucco Wrathe loses one of the most prized members of his crew. It’s a wake-up call to Connor and Grace concerning the violence of life aboard a

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Vampirates: Blood Captain

Grace journeys with Lorcan Furey to Sanctuary, the mountaintop retreat run by Mosh Zu Kamal, which offers healing for troubled Vampirates. At Sanctuary, Grace discovers amazing new powers but falls prey to fresh dangers and temptations – including charismatic “Vaquero Vampirate” Johnny Desperado. Back on The Diablo, Connor is caught up in plans for a

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The Light Hunters

The first in a new electrifying Middle Grade series from author of SKY THIEVES, Dan Walker. “You ask me what Light is, Lux? Light is everything. Every single thing. The very fabric of our world is made up of this force – people, trees, the chair I am sitting on, this pen I am writing

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The Mirroculist Mission

Eleven-year-old Darwen Arkwright’s ordinary life changed forever when he was given a magical mirror, a portal to the wonderful world of Silbrica. Darwen defeated the terrible monsters released from the mirror once. Now, an even more terrifying beast has escaped through the mirror. Darwen and his friends, Rik and Alexandra, must journey to Costa Rica

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Blast Off To The Moon

From Imagination to Reality. Produced in association with BIS (British Interplanetary Society) and NASA. Based on the original NASA Press Kit (Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Mission) this is full of exclusive never before seen content from the BIS archives. Including an introduction written by Helen Sherman, the first woman to visit the Mir Space Station!

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Monsters in the Mirror

Darwen Arkwright’s world is turned upside down when he is forced to move from a small English town to Atlanta in the United States of America. Feeling out of place and struggling to fit in at school, Darwen seeks solace in a mysterious shop full of mirrors. It’s there that he discovers the ability to

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Letters To Africa

“Letters to Africa”, is a new way to learn about Africa and will of interest to parents and children wanting to learn about the continent and also to teachers as a resource. Profits from the book sales will buy desperately needed educational resources for the African children featured in the book.Letters to Africa is split

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The STEAM Children’s Book Prize

The aim of the prize is to highlight the importance of STEAM subjects (science, technology, engineering, arts, maths) and praise the publishing industry and authors for championing them. By providing children with engaging, fun, and exciting literature, they’ll hopefully be inspired to take an interest in STEAM further into their education.

There are so many wonderful titles out there that provide the encouragement we desperately need, they may indeed bridge the skills gap we are currently experiencing in the UK.


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