Impervious by A.J. Hartley

UCLan Publishing has acquired UK and BC rights to Impervious by NY Times best selling author A.J. Hartley. The Preston born author of Cold Bath Street and UNCC Professor wrote the YA fantasy novel in the aftermath of the fatal 2019 campus shooting.

“On Tuesday, April 30th, 2019, I was on the campus of the university where I teach—UNC Charlotte—for an end of year celebration honouring graduating seniors, when a gunman opened fire in a neighbouring building. I took cover with a group of students in a theatre dressing room and we locked ourselves in. We sat in silence for something over an hour, watching on muted phones—we couldn’t make any noise for fear of attracting the shooter—for local news reports which might help us make sense of what was happening outside. By the time we got the all-clear from the police, two students had been killed and several others seriously wounded. The scars borne by the survivors are less easy to quantify.” – From the Author’s Note to Impervious.

Trina Warren didn’t plan on being anyone’s hero. She was just hoping to go about her day and avoid any further hassle from the jocks about her embarrassing mishap at work the night before. Then there was a bang, and an overturned chair, and everything was different.

Now Trina finds herself in a fantasy world, pursued by a faceless, nameless monster that only she can stop. But she doesn’t know how to stop it, she doesn’t have any weapons, and her only clue is the necklace that arrived in a mysterious package that morning, with no return address and a cryptic note inside. She must navigate an unfamiliar world full of monsters, magic, and danger. Can Trina defeat the mysterious Soulless One and save her friends? Can she save herself?

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