The Harm Tree Tour Dates

Tour dates for the excelent Harm Tree by Rose Edwards have been released! Don’t miss out on the opportunity for a meet and greet which is bound to leave you dying to read the book.

“You’re too young to remember why we needed heroes. You should be glad… Nine years ago, two princes waged a bloody civil war for the right to rule Arngard. The younger prince took the throne and outlawed the ancient beliefs, but some wounds don’t heal. New religion replaced the barbaric traditions and finally, there’s peace. Torny and Ebba are friends. Sent away by their families, they work together and watch out for each other. Too young to remember the war that tore apart the kingdom, Torny dreams of the glorious warriors of old, while Ebba misses her family, despite the darkness she left behind. But when a man is murdered on the street and Torny finds herself in possession of a dangerous message, the two friends must tread separate paths. These will lead them through fear, through grief, to the source of their own power and to the gates of death itself. As Torny and Ebba are used as tools for the opposing factions of the war, a deep power is ignited in them both. Can they uncover their own strength to finally heal the wounds of a nation?”

20th July, Blackwell’s Book Signing –

21st July, Coffee and Cake at Chapter One Books –

22nd July, Talk & Signing at Garstang Library –

23th July, Rose Edwards in conversation with Alice Broadway & Juno Dawson at Waterstones Liverpool One –

24th July, Northern Book Launch at Waterstones Preston –

26th to 28th July – YALC